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Insurance Investigations are very common today, as deception among claimants has cost many companies billions of dollars every year.

International Professional Investigators specializes in Insurance Investigations and helps insurance companies identify fraudulent activities. IPI currently represents some of the largest insurance companies in the world, our staff and team of professional investigators work closely with the claims departments, adjusters, attorneys and legal teams of the company in an effort to protect against those who try to take advantage of insurance offerings. We offer and specifically specialize in high quality video surveillance for insurance companies, law firms, corporations and businesses.

We take pride in our ability to customize our efforts to accomplish our client's objectives. They enjoy knowing they have entrusted their case to a professional investigative firm with the skill, experience and expertise to obtain the information and evidence their case requires. So if you’re tired of getting reports “with no claimant activity” don’t hesitate to call the fraud experts as we are here for our clients and conduct thorough background before any case is commenced.

We offer great rates to our clients with no gimmicks attached!
Call the “Fraud Experts” today or simply click on submit a case online and allow one of our members to assist you on your case!
in depth due diligence when locating borrowers and employers to verify loan origination at the time of closing.