Asset Investigations

Asset Investigations for Businesses & Individuals

International PI offers you investigative services related to assets, past judgments, liens, insurance claims, business backgrounds, filings, or other businesses that an individual may be associated with. We can also search and investigate:
 Bank Accounts
 Brokerage Accounts
 Mutual Funds Accounts
 An Individual’s Employers
 Wage and Salary Information
 Property Owned
 Vehicles and Aircraft Owned
We can provide you with research for criminal and civil court cases. We can also keep the results of our investigation quiet and private, for companies that would prefer to handle potential fraud situations in-house. Schedule a Free Consultation Today Need to Know Who You’re Seeing? Here’s a quick fact you might not know. At this time, nearly one in three people who get married met their spouse through the internet. And in that way, online dating or meeting new friends from social networking sites can be good. But there are also potential dangers….Many people that are on dating or other websites aren’t honest. Some pretend to be something or someone that they’re not. Some use fake or old photos. Some hide the fact that they’re already married. And there are some people that try to scam or even hurt others. So how can you meet the right people, while avoid the ones that may try to scam or harm you?

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