Cheating Spouse.

Are You Being Cheated On? You Deserve to Know the Truth.

You’re here because you need the truth. Just the fear that someone may be cheating on you can be too stressful to deal with. But International PI is here to help give you the peace of mind that you deserve. If someone is cheating on you, our goal is to get proof. To keep track of what we find, we can collect evidence through digital photo and video surveillance. International PI is led by an investigator with years of law enforcement and surveillance experience. And here’s the important thing: your business with us is private and confidential. That means if we don’t find evidence of cheating, no one has to know that you checked in the first place. You won’t risk ruining the relationship.

Know the Possible Warning Signs of Cheating

Signs of cheating aren’t always the same from couple to couple. But the most common warning
signs are if the person you care about:
 Always locks their cell phone or won’t let you use it
 Leaves the room to talk on the phone
 Frequently deletes texts messages
 Starts spending less time at home
 Isn’t as interested in sex as before
 Is hard to reach by phone when not home
 Has receipts for things not mentioned to you before
 Names in the phone address book you don’t recognize
 Calls numbers that don’t have a name assigned to them

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